Seller Preparation for Real Estate Closing

We understand selling your home and moving is a very stressful time in a person's life. In order to serve you better and reduce stress, we have compiled this handy guide to aid you with your closing process.

Please arrive early for your scheduled closing time, failure to arrive on time will delay both your closing and others. This is extremely inconsiderate for other individuals trying to sell their homes and will cause unnecessary stress among the parties. If our schedule is clear and both parties are present, we may be able to start your closing early and finish the exciting process of selling your home ahead of schedule.

What to Bring to Closing

The Seller(s) will need to bring a valid government issued ID to closing such as a driver's license or passport. We will need to make a copy of it for the file upon your arrival. It is important the the ID is not expired.


At the closing, the Seller(s) will have the option of receiving their funds by either a wire or a check. Disbursements made by wire are faster. However, your bank may charge you for use of their wire transfer service. If you would like us to wire the funds to you, please complete this wire authorization form with your account details prior to the closing. We will verify this information is accurate at the closing.

If the Seller is required to bring money to closing, wires are preferred. However we can accept funds according to the schedule below:


$1.00 - $4,999.99 – a wire or cashiers check is required (no personal checks allowed).


We will send you the proper wiring instructions for you funds if you need to wire money into our escrow account. In order to protect you from wire fraud, we ask that you call and confirm all wiring instructions at the bank when initiating the wire transfer.

Please notify our office immediately if any of the following applies to your transaction:

  • If the Seller cannot attend closing – a Power of Attorney or a mail out can be arranged at an additional charge in advance of closing.
  • If the seller(s) are divorced or in the process of getting a divorce.
  • If one or more owners of the property are deceased – we will need a copy of the death certificate and probate information in advance of the closing.
  • If a seller’s name has changed since the purchase of the property.
  • If the title to the property is in the name of a Trust – we will need to see copies of the Trust in advance of closing.
  • If the property is in foreclosure or the seller(s) have filed bankruptcy.
  • If the seller is a Corporation or LLC – we will need to see the Articles of Incorporation or the Operating Agreement in advance of closing.

Beware of Wire Fraud

& Fraudulent Wiring Instructions

Wire fraud, email hacking and phishing attacks are on the rise to bmisdirect funds for closings. ALWAYS call our office to confirm our instructions prior to sending any wire. NEVER respond or rely solely on wire instructions you receive by email, even if it appears to come from our office.  
Wiring instructions will only be sent once and only via secure email.  
We are not responsible for any wires sent by you to an incorrect bank account.